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日本語教室 Learn Japanese 日語学習

身近なお役立ち日本語教室(オンライン) Casual and Useful Japanese Class(Online)


はじめてしゃべる日本語クラス Japanese from Scratch 零基础日语班 처음 일본어 클래스

If you attend Shinjuku City Japanese Language Class (SJC), you may not attend this class. You can only participate in one of these classes.
「신주쿠구 일본어교실(SJC)」과 동시에 참가 할 수 없습니다.

新宿区日本語教室 Shinjuku Japanese Language Class 新宿区日语教室 처음시작하는 일본어클라스
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2024 SJC_Englishのサムネイル

Shinjuku Japanese Language Class Application Form

2024 SJC_Chineseのサムネイル

新宿区日语教室 报名表

2024 SJC_Koreanのサムネイル

신주쿠구 일본어교실 신청서

2024 SJC_Nepaliのサムネイル

Application form in Nepalese

2024 SJC_Myanmarのサムネイル

Application form in Myanmar


親子日本語教室 Family Japanese Language Class 外国亲子日语教室,외국인 부모와 아이를 위한 일본어교실



日本語ひろば Japanese Language Lessons 日语广场 일본어 히로바 นิโฮงโกะคอนเนอร์ ज प नीभ ष अध्ययन

★日本語ひろばチラシ2022(翻訳後 原稿)_ (002)のサムネイル

外国人相談窓口 Foreign Resident Advisory Corner  外国人咨询窗口 외국인 상담 창구


Foreign Resident Advisory Corner

Foreign Resident Advisory Corner

Foreign Resident Consultation Corner

Foreign Resident Consultation Corner



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